Manager Micro-learning Library

Make feedback a winning habit on your team.
This manager micro-learning library was curated by and for people managers. Each video is less than 2 minutes and gives practical steps to solve common feedback situations. Send this library to your managers to support them with their feedback practices.

Table of

I reacted poorly to feedback

  • Summary: Sometimes we respond poorly (jaw clenched, negative verbal reaction) when receiving feedback. If this happens, what you do next is important to maintain a good relationship. 
  • Length: 1 minute, 17 seconds  

I waited too long to give feedback

  • Summary: Waiting too long to give feedback happens to the best of us. This video will cover why this happens and outline step by step what to do now. 
  • Length: 1 minute, 16 seconds 

My teammate had a hard reaction to the feedback I gave

  • Summary: Managers will run into situations where people have a hard or strong reaction to feedback. How you handle that moment will determine the impact of the feedback. 
  • Length: 1 minute, 38 seconds

I need to set clear role expectations

  • Summary: Clear expectations are the best way to set your team up for success. This video will cover how to do that in a hyper clear and easy way.
  • Length: 1 minute, 14 seconds 

I don’t know how to help my team work on the feedback they received

  • Summary: Giving feedback is often the first step in helping someone grow their skills. Supporting that skill growth is next. We’ll give you the steps to follow here. 
  • Length: 1 minute, 3 seconds

I need to have a hard conversation / give improvement feedback

  • Summary: Hard conversations come with the management territory. Having the right preparation and skills will ensure your message lands. 
  • Length: 1 minute, 36 seconds

I don’t agree with feedback I received

  • Summary: We can’t control the feedback we receive, but we can control how we respond to it. This video will walk through the steps to take to be proud of your response to feedback you don’t agree with. 
  • Length: 1 minute, 13 seconds 

My team doesn’t give me feedback

  • Summary: Getting feedback from your team is one of the best ways to grow as a manager; however, it isn’t always flowing. Use these tips to get feedback from your team. 
  • Length: 1 minute, 22 seconds

I have feedback to give my manager

  • Summary: Giving feedback upward can be hard, but it is important to do. Use these tips to gain confidence in giving feedback to your manager. 
  • Length: 1 minute, 31 seconds 

How Tandem can help

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