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We help employees share quality feedback so it’s easy and rewarding for your team to connect, perform, and grow.

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Becca from HR  2:52pm

Hey team, we really care about scaling our culture and helping everyone grow. That’s why we’re launching Tandem today! It’s all in Slack, easy-to-use, and helps you write quality feedback.

Created by The Mintable team that’s upskilled 1000s of leaders at top companies globally.

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Peer feedback

Peer-to-peer feedback, for the win

We help employees invest in their relationships with confidence and clarity. Get Started

Team members talking

Lightweight on your team and budget

Performance management built into Slack so it's easy and right in everyone's flow of work. Get Started

Team culture

Scale your culture, grow your people

Future-proof your team with the habit of feedback - the super power of top leaders and companies. Get Started

🎉 Shout-outs

Share praise in any channel. Tag teammates and values to reinforce and track what matters.

👥 Peer feedback

Templates, AI-powered drafts, and smart prompts make peer-to-peer feedback easy.

🛟 Manager uplift

Micro-learning built into workflows to upskill and hold managers accountable.

✍️ Feedback scripts

AI-powered feedback drafts for best practice, unbiased feedback and performance check-ins.

💪🏾 Strengths-based

Focus on employee strengths for higher performance and retention of top performers.

❓Ask for feedback

Request feedback from anyone or any channel to learn from your teammates and grow.

💜 Culture of feedback

Rituals, goals, and values customized to your company so feedback amplifies your culture.

🌱 Constructive too

Timely, constructive feedback to avoid big issues and give everyone the chance to learn.

How Tandem works

Raise team performance with the habit of feedback

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