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Becca from HR  2:52pm

Hey team, we're going to cancel the 3-hr feedback workshop.
Instead, we've added a Feedback Assistant that can help us all give quality feedback and help one another grow.

Created by The Mintable team that’s upskilled 1000s of leaders at top companies globally.

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A culture of feedback without skipping a beat

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Don’t stop at documenting, get good at doing

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It's like having an HRBP for every team member

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How Tandem works

Raise team performance with the habit of feedback

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Help everyone perform
up and to the right

Retain high performers, coach up low performers, and level up your managers

Expert-Led, AI-Powered Advice

Prepare just-right feedback with guardrails and talking points

Log Private Notes

Track trends, get 1-click assessments, and stay accountable

Share Feedback

Ask for and receive feedback and give shout-outs in any channel

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