I Don’t Agree with Feedback I Received: Micro-learning

Make feedback a winning habit on your team.
We can’t control the feedback we receive, but we can control how we respond to it. Check out the steps to take to be proud of your response to feedback you don’t agree with.

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Why does this happen

Throughout our careers we are bound to receive feedback we don’t agree with. And while we can’t control when or how we get this feedback, we can control how we respond. There are many reasons we may not agree with feedback we receive. Maybe the person is lacking context so the feedback doesn’t feel valid or complete. Maybe the feedback is accurate, but it hits on a sensitive area for you. Or maybe the feedback was given poorly and wasn’t specific or impact driven. 

We can’t control those things. But what we can control is our response. What you do next matters.

What to do when you receive feedback

There are several critical things to do in the moment if you receive feedback you don’t agree with. 

  1. Take a beat. Take a breath. Pause. Give your self a moment to ensure you respond in a way you are proud of.
  2. Listen actively. Ddon’t jump to conclusions or start formulating your reply before they finish 
  3. Say “thank you.” This doesn’t mean that you agree with the feedback but it does mean that you acknowledge the time, effort and guts it took to give you the feedback.
  4. Say “tell me more.” More context can usually help in processing. 
  5. Share. Share your perspective on the situation without being defensive or providing excuses. 
  6. Discuss path forward. Discuss and agree on a path forward that will make you successful. 

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How Tandem can help you receive feedback

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