I Need to Give Upward Feedback: Micro-learning 

Make feedback a winning habit on your team.
Giving upward feedback can be hard, but it is important to do. It is important because the higher you go in an organization the more you need feedback and usually the less you get it. Use these tips to gain confidence in giving feedback to your manager.

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Why it is hard to give upward feedback

There are many factors at play that can make it difficult to give upward feedback. Let’s review a few of the most powerful ones. 

  • You may not know how they will react or if they will misinterpret the feedback.
  • There are power dynamics at play with a manager who controls promotions and compensation.
  • You may lack context in all that they do so you think your feedback will be less valid.

How to give upward feedback

Despite these reasons that it is hard, it is important for us to give the feedback. Use these tips: 

  1. Remember they are human. They likely want to hear high quality feedback that is rooted in their success. This will give you more confidence to enter the conversation.
  2. Prepare and reflect. Is your feedback high quality, specific, and rooted in the success of them, you or the team?
  3. Choose the right place to give feedback. Most likely somewhere with some privacy. 
  4. Be direct and clear. Don’t sugar coat it. This will only lead to confusion. 
  5. Be sure to provide time for their response. They may have questions or points of clarification. 
  6. Bring potential solutions. It is great if you can be proactive and think through potential solutions. 

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How Tandem can help with upward feedback

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