I Need to Set Clear Expectations: Micro-learning 

Make feedback a winning habit on your team.
The ability to set clear expectations is a key skill for managers. In fact, setting clear role expectations is one of the best things you can do for your team to ensure they are successful in their role. Check out below to learn how to set expectations in a hyper clear and easy way.

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Why to set clear expectations

Clear expectations are the first step in setting your team up for success. They ensure alignment, allow for accountability and pave the way for success. If there is any confusion on what is to be done, clear expectations give space to clarify what exactly needs to be done and what can fall off the list. They are also a great way to prevent burn out. Burn out often happens because more and more gets added to the to-do list of expectations without re-evaluating the expectations. 

When to set expectations

There are several key times to set clear expectations: 

  • In the job description 
  • During the first 90 days of onboarding 
  • When priorities change 
  • When new work is added
  • During and after performance reviews 

Ironclad role expectation template

This ironclad role expectation template will help ensure you cover all your bases. There are 6 important parts.

We agree that you will accomplish _____ result (what) with ________ people (who) by displaying ____ skills/behaviors (how) by ____ time (when) with check-ins on ______ dates (when) because ______ (why).

  • What: What needs to be done
  • Who: Who needs to do the work 
  • How: Which skills should be displayed or worked on
  • When: When will there be check ins
  • When: When is the project due (including time zones if you don’t work in the same one!)
  • Why: Why does the work need to be done

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How Tandem can help

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