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Mari Ramirez (You)

Miso has been late a lot. How do I share feedback?

Tandem - Feedback Assistant

“Hi Miso, you've arrived late to the last 3 team meetings. This disrupts the team and means you miss out on information. Moving forward, please prioritize being on time and let me know if I can help".

Mari Ramirez (You)

Awesome! Can you share this to Miso now?

Tandem - Feedback Assistant

Absolutely, I'll send that to her now and share if she has any follow-up questions.

Try Tandem - 30 days free


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  • Quality feedback made easy
    Quality feedback made easy

    TandemAI drafts feedback and evaluations to make high quality feedback easy and consistent across the team

  • Peer-to-peer feedback
    Peer-to-peer feedback

    It's easy to shout out praise for and share feedback with peers. Admins can track feedback flows across the company.

  • Manager enablement
    Manager enablement

    AI-generated snapshots help managers prepare for 1:1s. Monthly Team Summary reminds managers to invest in feedback activity

  • Strong feedback culture
    Strong feedback culture

    Establish rituals, set goals, and add values to motivate continuous feedback and reinforce what matters

  • Positive <i>and</i> constructive
    Positive and constructive

    Best practice templates encourage positive and constructive feedback. Prompts help team members focus on clear next steps and growth

  • No extra log-ins
    No extra log-ins

    Get started today! Built on Slack, your team gets all the benefits in their workflow

From the creators of The Mintable

A team that’s trained 1000s of world class managers and shared a lot of feedback.

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To support our culture of high performance, we want to help our teammates build consistent feedback practices. We’re partnering with Tandem to help our team members give and receive high quality feedback. Can you please help us add a tool – Tandem – Feedback Assistant – to our Slack workspace? I included the installation steps below and copied Lauren if you have any questions. 


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  1. Install Tandem on your company’s workspace by following the flow here 
  2. You can always refer to our Privacy Policy or email with questions

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