Be more confident at work

Connect with your teammates. Gain confidence in giving praise, celebrating wins, and exchanging feedback.
Be more confident at work with Tandem


80% of people who have received meaningful feedback in the past week are happier in their jobs Tandem helps teams invest in their relationships and growth with confidence and clarity Source: Gallup

Features for teams

Recognition and individual growth features that make frequent feedback easy, fun and fearless

Make it better with AI

Level up your feedback confidence With one-click, your draft feedback is transformed into best practice wording that is professional and thoughtful.

Give Shout-outs

Celebrate the wins, loudly Recognizing great work is simple and fun with Tandem. Shoutouts help you level-up your appreciation and gratitude game.

Request feedback

Become a better listener Gain insights to advance your abilities and potential. Develop your skills and career by requesting feedback.

Share feedback

Fuel team happiness and performance Help your team get even better. Develop actionable feedback using our best practice templates.

Set growth goals

Measure your progress Feedback fuels growth and promotes creativity. Set growth goals to motivate and focus your self-development.

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